Tube bag valve controller
Tube bag valve controller Tube bag valve controller Tube bag valve controller

Product Parameter


The VMX controller is used to control the on and off of the air supply of the pinch valve to realize the material flow and cut off in the pipeline.



technical parameter


The VMX controller shell is made of engineering plastics, which is composed of an electronically controlled reversing valve, a pressure switch, a pressure gauge, and a pneumatic connector.



The VMX controller remotely controls the pinch valve to realize material flow in pneumatic conveying systems or other pipelines. In addition, the VM/type pinch valve can also be installed as a locking device for the filling pipe of the silo.

For VM type only, by introducing compressed air or specially assembling small valves, water under pressure passes through the threaded holes and enters the inside of the valve. The shape of the internal flexible sleeve is changed to firmly seal the passage. After installing the VM type pinch valve, it can equally handle pneumatically conveyed powders, particles, fibers, dense mixtures and liquids.



Electromagnetic coil voltage: 24VDC, 24VAC, 48VAC, 110VAC, 220VAC

Working temperature: -20 ~ 80 °C (-4 ~ 176 °F)

Choose various solenoid coils according to the field voltage



Easy to install

IP66 protection level

Material will not touch the valve body

Suitable for explosion-proof devices

Compared with other manufacturers and other types of valves, the weight is lighter

Air consumption is extremely small