XUC shaft seal
XUC shaft seal XUC shaft seal XUC shaft seal

Product Parameter


Shaft sealThe shaft transmits the driving torque to the feeding conveyor to keep rotating and non-rotating parts separate. The shaft seal prevents powder and liquid from escaping from the rotating shaft or reciprocating shaft. This is very important for all gearboxes. Under normal circumstances, several sealing options will be provided: packing, lip seals and all types of mechanical seals-single, double and tandem, including cartridge seals.



Main types of seals


Packing (also called shaft packing or gland packing) is composed of soft materials, which are usually woven or looped. Press it into the cavity around the drive shaft called the stuffing box to form a seal.



Permanently protect against contamination ingress and lubrication loss

Extend gearbox life by increasing bearing reliability

Can be split for ease of installation and immediate retrofit

Do not groove or damage the shaft

Are maintenance free

Are custom engineered

Are backed by our best in class performance guarantee