Fluidizer control system
Fluidizer control system Fluidizer control system

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Save on compressed air costs

Pulsate Aerators for optimum discharge

Alternate Aerator operation for highest performance

Controls up to 16 Aerators

Share in our knowledge of dry bulk discharge techniques by installing a Controller to program the operation of your aeration system. Compressed air is a costly commodity. Operating your aerators only when they are needed and operating them in the proper sequence can provide a fast return on your investment. Pulsating aerators through the easy solid state controller provides more effective movement of powders while alternating aerators can assist in more complete discharge. Let our experts provide suggestions for your application. We have helped move more than 120 dry bulk materials. Let us help with yours.

Effective placement of aerators depends on material type and volume


Maximize Your Air

Only operate the Fluidizers while discharging material from the silo.

To ensure balanced air distribution it is recommended to use an air

manifold or operate no more than four Fluidizers together as shown.VB VBS VBVBI VBE I100 JL25 U025Vibrating Bin Aerators,Aeration Pads,Aerator Jet Nozzle Silo Fluidizer Controller