ADKS Aperture valve
ADKS Aperture valve ADKS Aperture valve ADKS Aperture valve

Product Parameter

OThe iris valve is mainly used to control the opening and closing of the free flowing dry material flow in the straight fall system. Iris valves can be used in many industries including chemicals, dairy products, food, mining plastics and medicine. Iris valves are often used to transport brittle materials. To

The iris valve is mainly used for unloading bulk material bags. The valve is used to tighten the neck of the material bag and cut off the flow of materials. The iris valve performs well when conveying explosive materials and brittle materials, but it is not suitable for handling high fluidity, abrasive materials and systems that require frequent opening and closing. To

The iris valve is composed of two concentric rings connected with flexible sleeves. One end of the sleeve is connected to the inner ring, and the other end is connected to the outer control ring. A handle is installed on the control ring, and the handle can be rotated 180 degrees. Through the rotation, the sleeve is twisted into a state of looseness, tightness and complete closure. To

ADKS series valve is an extension of AD manual valve series. ADKS is a double diaphragm single clamp iris valve, very suitable for the medical pharmacy industry.


All body parts are made of stainless steel 304 or 316L

The control ring (handle) whose diameter does not exceed 200mm is Gunmetal.

Stainless steel trigger and 316 stainless steel screws for corrosion resistance


Outlet valves for silos, waste bins, hoppers and chutes

Can be used in tandem applications

Outlet of screening machine, ribbon mixer and double cone mixer

For manual bagging of materials that require frequent operations

Control the discharge from the container to the weighing hopper


All valve parts can be made of 316 stainless steel (except AD3)

Fluorine rubber or other coatings can be used for valves in corrosive environments

Stainless steel snap ring

The valve has multiple notches to enhance flow control

Handwheel operation is suitable for sizes from 150mm to 300mm


The iris valve will not get stuck

Full hole diaphragm opening (no restriction on product flow)

The valve will not be mechanically worn due to abrasive products

Diaphragm and bushing are easy to replace and inexpensive

Simple valve operation and maintenance

Safe, soft and strong. So it is an ideal solution for multiple applications


Double diaphragm means it installs quickly

Suitable for medium to heavy sturdy structures, capable of handling materials up to 1600 Kg /m³

On-site iris diaphragm adjustment reduces maintenance time

Proven design suitable for frequent operation

We have a wide variety of diaphragms to meet a wide range of applications

Aperture from 100mm to 450mm